Pasteurization process:

This process starts with the selection of the highest quality eggs, followed by the cleaning system and concluding with the cracking of the eggs.

During the pasteurization process the eggs are applied a treatment of high temperature that allows reducing the levels of microbial charges to lower levels, guarantying the destruction of salmonella; as well as maintaining the physical and chemical properties of the product.

Advantages versus fresh eggs:

  • More versatility
  • Easer usage and dosage
  • Higher bacteriological safety
  • Easier handling, storage and control of expiration dates
  • It safes time and labor cost.
  • Easier product distribution and international marketing

Further more; during the production process, in Arandi Illescas we maintain a thorough control and a detail follow up to guaranty a high standard customer service. Our logistics infrastructure provides our customers with an on time delivery system.