Arandi Illescas, S. L.  was founded in 2003. Although it is a relatively young business; its founders have a life time experience in the egg industry in both fields production, and commercialization of fresh eggs.  Giving the great success and years of experience on this industry the founders of Arandi Illescas decided to bet for a new line of business: pasteurized liquid egg whites and yolks. Trusting on the great benefits of pasteurized eggs:

  • Greater product diversity
  • Easier usage and dosage
  • Greater bacteriological safety
  • Easier handling
  • Reduced risk of Salmonella

There are wide ranges of variety of usage for the liquid pasteurized eggs and as the time goes by the usages and the products continue to evolve.

Farther more; in 2005 the company had to expand its facilities due an on going production growth of 300 % in two years.

Currently, Arandi Illescas commercializes its products in both national markets and international markets. Arandi Illescas has become a company with superb future projections.